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It is important to learn about the player's rating  Buy NBA 2K22 MT and vertical in order to know whether they are able to perform the elite and professional dunks is vital. This also helps you to determine if you are able to perform an dunk standing or running to a particular guard forward, or center.

Dunking is a skill that earns not just two points, but flashy points from the crowd too. People must be well-informed and know when it is time to take an dunk, or go for jumping if there's an opponent in front. Dunks can look nice but the main thing is to score the points.

NBA 2K22 allows players to have more control than ever to make sure they score however they think is best in the moment. Do not attempt to dunk while there is a shot-blocker in the paint, or use an off-hand dunk if the opponent is covering your dominant hand when driving.

New NBA season is rapidly approaching and that means it's time of year to dive into the most recent edition of NBA 2K. NBA 2K22 released on September 10th, bringing the biggest city in the series and a redesigned MyCareer mode. But do improvements actually make a difference to the experience?

NBA 2K vets Mike Sykes and  mt points 2k22 Nick Schwartz have been busy playing since the launch and discovered that even though the game on the court is certainly the best it's ever been but the rest of the 2K22 package could use some adjustments.

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