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Founded Date: (2019) Founders: (2019) Operating Status: Active Company Type: For Profit Organization Contact Email: Contact No: +91 8619160984 Indian Fashion Jewellery industry is ever-mushrooming. However, there is a major dearth of authentic and trustworthy,Artificial Jewellery Online retail companies. This is when Ciero Jewels come into the picture. Ciero Jewels is a relatively new retail jewellery business based off Jaipur, Rajasthan. Our desire to create a trustworthy retail jewellery business took precedence over everything else. Even though, we are a new player in the market, what we lack of in experience we make up for in knowledge. Our founders, before establishing the company, had conducted a market research, which has revealed number of gaps and issues within the retail jewellery industry. For instance, online retail jewellery businesses, have immense potential of growth. Thus, no.1. priority of Ciero Jewels was to have an authentic and secured ecommerce website, which would give customers a hassle free, browsing and buying experience. In our initial years we faced number of challenges.     Ciero Jewels have been open to criticism and feedbacks from customers, and have established a brand rapport by working on our issues, such as better delivery experience, checkout facilities, etc. Furthermore, Ciero Jewels have introduced greater variety of Customized Artificial Jewellery, such as artificial kundan jewellery online, pearl silver jewellery, Meenakari Jewellery Sets Online, etc. We aim at providing one-stop solutions for all your imitation jewellery needs. With our jewellery varieties, quality and best buying experience, we endeavor to be the best online jewellery retail store in India and abroad.
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