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With the release of Diablo 2: Resurrected, players will start to reach level 99 as quickly as possible. It’s not that hard in total, but some subtleties can be confusing or tedious and time-consuming. So this guide gives you the best methods of getting your Characters to a high level as quickly as possible.


In general, it’s better to play multiplayer to level up fast, especially with a full party of four, and ideally with three other players who are higher level than you, but not that much higher. EXP rewards work because the lowest level player gets the biggest share, but only if the enemy killed is no more than five levels higher than the player who kills it. Killing enemies five levels above or five levels below the character will net lesser experience. This is designed to prohibit low-level characters from exponentially leveling up by simply partying up with a high-level friend while completing quests and defeating bosses.

Complete Quests

Speaking of quests, you should do tons of them, especially side ones, and actually repeat them multiple times. Among them are Tal Rasha’s Tomb, the Cow lvl, Baal runs, and others. These are considered leveling areas as they help you upgrade. But there’s a trick: you must always pay attention to the difference between your and mobs’ levels. It shouldn’t be more than 5. Otherwise, you have a chance to get less XP than you want to.

Avoid Hell or Nightmare Difficulty

Yes, the EXP rewards are better on higher difficulty levels, but there are also harsh EXP penalties for dying. So, unless you’re already at such a high level that Normal difficulty isn’t rewarding enough, it’s not worth the risk of ramping up the challenge. Nightmare difficulty will penalize you with a 5 percent loss of total experience to the next level, while you will lose 10 percent in Hell difficulty. PvP on Nightmare and Hell difficulties will make you lose experience, so do not fight unless you are confident enough. While you lose experience, the penalty will not level down a character.

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