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With a brand new look on YouTube the  Madden 22 coins company announced the various new features that will appear within the team management aspect of the game's upcoming sports. The video is at 5 minutes long and highlights Madden nfl 23's new talent trees, the revamped scouting process along with the franchise staff feature and more.The video starts by discussing how changes the new franchise staff system will bring to the mod and claims that it will give players the opportunity to manage "everything from an office down to playing field." They will be able to hire new staff and develop them, with employees having access to the newly-created talent tree which can be used to boost their team's performance and match their players to the particular style of play. There will be three types of staff players can hire the positions of head coaches, coordinators, and player personnel. Managers can improve the quality of staff in these roles by accumulating "staff points" which are earned through having weekly objectives set and achieved. The entire process will be accessible through a brand-new franchise hub that will include a wealth of quality-of-life updates and additions.

The system for scouting will make it into the game in post-launch content, with EA claiming it'll be added through an "live-service version" during September. The enhanced system will let players find new talent via regional and national scouts with EA asserting that the system is far more thorough than it was in the beginning. In order to help make the game more real prospects will also be able to move up and down the roster throughout the season dependent on their accolades.There's also the brand new weekly strategy feature, which EA calls the "core" part of Madden nfl 23 Franchise Mode. It is believed that the system will let players look up data and make informed choices regarding how they manage their team. It will also give them an opportunity to study what strengths they have in their rivals, manage the effects of fatigue, gauge the level of performance, and so on.

Then, EA details the enhanced season engine, which  buy madden coins was revealed briefly in Madden nfl 23's most recent trailer. The engine will provide a wide range of thrilling scenarios designed to be akin to the tough decisions made with real NFL managers. It will come with 50 unique scenarios that require players to think critically. The company revealed one situation where an administrator is confronted with challenging issues with a young wide receiver. If they are able to overcome these difficulties, they've the possibility of turning the player into a star player, adding yet another big name on their list.


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