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The menswear inspired styles are the ideal transitional shoe, and their flat soles make them a comfortable and practical option for the entire season. They'll look smart with dresses and midi skirts. Fendi handed out baguettes a nod to the 25th anniversary of its iconic bag that famously acted as a plot point for Sex and the City. Meanwhile, Banana Republic had spoonfuls of banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery another Carrie Bradshaw favorite.

Photos from the week serve as the perfect fashionable antidote to all those vacation snaps filling up your Instagram. Here, it's less dreamy holiday dresses and more high concept, individualist takes on warm weather dressing. The general essence of the look is casual and comfortable, but in recent years high fashion has adopted and adapted it in any number of ways. Sometimes all you need to tie your entire look together is a plain white T shirt.

While the model typically prefers a neutral wardrobe color palette, you can sometimes find her popping a punch of color ever so slightly. Surveying his most recent crop of photos reveals the fashion crowd's knack for inventive yet stylish layering. Say arrivederci! to monochrome dressing. This season in Milan, street style stars came to play in highly electric looks made up of striking prints, ultra cool color combinations, and practically every vibrant hue of the color wheel.

Cargo pants are still the summer outfit closet MVP, as are funky knits and trippy florals. A look back at fall street style from 2017 forward shows that cold weather essentials, from sweaters to shearlings, remain the same no matter where you are. A button up shirt is timeless in your closet, so Bottega Veneta Bag Sale why not make it a denim one. This is both a surprising and natural development.

And what better way to start than with A.P.C, a brand synonymous with the unwashed garment. There was a clear love of denim, evident in lovingly broken in blue jeans that were paired with chunky knits and simple white tank tops. To pack a punch of color to her otherwise minimalist look, Gerber relies on a bright green crewneck sweater from Everlane. "I really learned through trial and error and experience and paying attention to what worked well or didn't work well.

The first step of wearing a tie, of course, is learning how to tie it. The second, in my opinion, is way less confusing and all the more fun figuring out how you'd like to style it. Hitting just above the knee, denim midiskirts are figure flattering. There was a clear love of denim, evident in lovingly broken in blue jeans that were paired with chunky knits and simple white tank tops.

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