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Pure gold when alloyed with silver, palladium and nickel at certain amount results to gorgeous white gold. For pale luster, rhodium is indian gold rings plated over it. But this fades away, so it needs to be plated in every five years.

Like yellow gold, it is also measured in karats. 22k, 14k and 9k are popular markings. 18k white gold is a mixture of 75% gold and 25% nickel or palladium or silver. There are many advantages and disadvantages of this ring as follows:


1. It costs lesser than other metals that makes the base metal in the ring. This employs the couple to invest on crown like gems, diamonds etc.
2. It is stronger and durable than yellow gold. Thus, the possibility of scratching decreases. This will help to retain the luster and originality for a long time.
3. Since it is white, it matches to most of others crown stones than that of the yellow gold. So it is versatile as well.


1. Allergy is one of the main problem. People may be allergic to any of the alloy. Symptoms are itching, swelling etc. on the touched parts of the body by the ring. For this case, individual can choose among silver, nickel or palladium depending upon the reaction to one's body.

2. None of the gold types should be worn in swimming pool, hot tubs etc. because of its sensitivity to the chlorine. It may cause discoloration, pitting or dissolution. So this jewel should be worn-off when in bleaching process, pool etc.

3. Many people may be mistaken on their thinking this gorgeous 22ct gold rings as silver. It is an identity problem due to the ignorance of the observer. It has no solution because you are not going to post a stamp on your jewel or tell everyone who stares at it. It'd be a lunatic behavior.

Well, white gold ring is being increasingly popular among the couples in different parts of the world. So you want to among those adventure loving couple, go for it.

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