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There’s no complicated formula that 2K uses during its simulation. Much of the basis of the prediction is determined by how 2K rates players and teams. The system is so intricate that it could upgrade without humans helping out because it can recognize large sample sizes of improved play, but the 2K rating team also watches many hours of basketball.

“Our game is trying to take into account all the variables that teams deal with on an annual basis and spit out the most knowledge, educated guess based on all those variables,” Singh said.

The Grizzlies are one of 10 teams given a tier-one rating on 2K23. Their 82 is tied for second behind the Boston Celtics with an 84.

Singh has said in past interviews that he thinks the Grizzlies may be one year away, but the algorithm has proved him wrong before. When the Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship in 2015 in Steve Kerr’s first season as the head coach, 2K predicted that run. The game also predicted that the Los Angeles Lakers would win during the COVID-impacted 2020 season.

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Tatum won the regular season MVP award in the simulation. After starting the season with the seventh-best odds on FanDuel Sportsbook, Tatum has moved up to third behind Doncic and Giannis Antetokounmpo while being the MVP to this point of the season

“Sometimes I look at the simulation, and I’m like, ‘eh, I don’t know about that,’” Singh said. “And we leave it. We’re like, look, that’s what the game said, so we’re not going to tinker with this thing. And I can’t tell you how many times it’s been correct, spot-on, and right.”

One reason why the Grizzlies are a trending team to rise on 2K is Morant. He has the 10th-highest rating on the game, but even that doesn’t signify his impact.

Some players are viewed as cheat codes. Singh mentioned J.R. Smith on the older 2K games with his ability to rise and dunk through traffic. Many people believe Morant is one of those types of players on NBA 2K23.

When playing with Morant, it doesn’t take the elite dribble moves for him to score as much as others. attacking the basket and pressing the shoot button will put him in a position to make a creative layup or dunk on an opponent.

Elite athleticism is why Morant is easier to play with than most players. Singh compared his fandom to Derrick Rose with the Chicago Bulls.

Even beyond Morant, Singh believes the Grizzlies are one of the top teams that gamers play with. He mentioned how the 2K game views Desmond Bane as a “star,” and the youth of the team makes them a popular option on the MyLeague mode since most of the core is signed for many seasons.

In years past, 2K has shown statistics on which teams are playing with the most in quick-game modes. The Lakers and Warriors are often at the top, but Singh said he would bet that the Grizzlies are top three.

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