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In recent days we can get into NBA 2K23 for free. So where should we start after we enter NBA 2K23? Here we will give you a detailed description of where you should start in NBA 2K23.

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Several game modes in NBA 2K23

Training Game

This is the best mode to start with and it offers a series of tutorials on shooting, dribbling, and passing. This allows players to go to the gym and learn every basic skill without competition.


This mode insists that players practice those moves they've already honed on the court. You can also learn your hot zone on the freestyle court, which will teach you which players shoot best where.


This is the first mode where you'll meet your opponents and play in a traditional 5v5 format. Losing in the melee isn't the worst thing that can happen, it's a chance to practice your defense and continue learning the all-important hot zone.

Practice Plays

This mode allows users to learn pre-set play styles, both and. It's a quick way to upgrade your game.

What team to choose

There are many teams to choose from, from the current ones to the greatest in history. Players can choose their opponents, which means the game can be as easy or competitive as they want. For new players, this is the easiest mode of play.

It is also important to choose your settings before the first game, as you need to make sure that the difficulty you choose matches your skill level.

After we enter this game we need to prepare a lot of 2K23 MT which can help us to build a strong player at the beginning of the game.

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