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When you enter NBA 2K23 you will find that VC and 2K23 MT are very important in this game and you can use these currencies in almost all places. So how do we get VC? Here we will give you a detailed description of how to get free VC in NBA 2K23.

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Get free VC through 2KTV

Every week in NBA 2K23 you can get some rewards in 2KTV by answering questions. Through this method, we can get missed 50,000 VC.

Steps to answer the answers in 2KTV:

  • Go from the main menu on 2K down to the bottom right corner which is the 2K TV section,
  • Then press triangle to bring up the list of episodes for 2K TV and click on any one that you want,
  • When you watch an episode of 2KTV little questions like this popup and if you answer it right, they give you VC,

Get VC in MyCareer

Another easy way to get VC is by upping the difficulty in MyCareer. If you place the difficulty on a Hall of Popularity, you get 160% even more VC. We see a lot of people may not wish to play in the Hall of Popularity since they think it's also difficult, yet it's not that tough as long as you have a good build as well as you understand what you're doing, you can go down a least of 50 a game.

The Stage Method

Another way to make some VC is by playing stage, now this one is a little bit riskier if you're newer at the game because you do have to put up VC to play.

Season Quest Method

Another way you can make some VC is by doing your Season Quest.   Now, this is going to take a little bit probably a couple of weeks but you get 2,500 VC and some season level XP.

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