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The Production Method Of TPR Erasers

1. Oil processing plants ship synthetic rubber in powder or liquid form to rubber manufacturing plants. If natural rubber is to be used, it is shipped in sturdy chunks, and workers must first crush and dissolve it.

2、Mix the rubber with ground pumice powder (which makes the rubber slightly coarser and harder), iron oxide (which turns the rubber pink), vegetable oil, sulfur, and other substances.

3、Heat the mixture so that the sulfur mixes with the rubber to increase the strength of the rubber and make it more durable.

4、Feed the soft, still-hot material into a press (squeeze it into a die) to make long, thin rubber sticks. A knife is used to cut the eraser stick into small pieces, and when it cools, it is transported to a pencil factory to make TPR erasers for pencils.

5. Block TPR erasers for individual use are made by injecting a heated rubber mixture into various shapes of molds. When it cools, the mold is opened and erasers of various shapes come out.

TPR Erasers1        TPR Erasers2

The Working Principle Of TPR Erasers

TPR Erasers are used to remove handwriting by absorbing graphite. These TPR erasers not only remove handwriting but can also be used to highlight important parts or make the work more detailed. However, it is not good at removing large areas of writing, and if overheated, it can stain or even stick to the paper.

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