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Passing is very important in NBA 2K23, and in a previous article, we covered how to improve passing accuracy in NBA 2K23. However, in addition to passing accuracy Passing Styles are also important in NBA 2K23. There are several different passing styles in NBA 2K23, and we can choose one of them.

In NBA 2K23 players get a lot of new features, events, cards, and other many bonuses and features. There is also a considerable amount of customization added. Most notable is the secret build that allows players to access various legends and current game icons without having to purchase specific cards. In addition, layup and pass animations are becoming increasingly important in current and next-generation consoles. A proper layup and pass animation can help us win a game more easily, which can help us get more 2K23 MT in NBA 2K23.

What passing style should I choose in NBA 2K23?

Just like the layup animation, the passing style depends on the player's style. Different players have different disguises and ways of passing the ball. So the passing style chosen by each player is also different.

NBA 2K23 has 7 passing styles. The "Basic" and "None" passing styles have no such requirement.

The best passing styles are said to be LeBron James, LaMelo Ball, and the default "None" passing style. Other passing styles may also be suitable for some players, as they allow players to customize and control the type and brand of pass.

Requirements and details about the passing styles are as follows:

Of course, the above passing styles can be interesting, as some of the best passers in the game have been given their styles. Players can also simply choose the "None" or "Foundational" style, as they are the most straightforward and simple to use in different situations.

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