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Higher levels in a game generally have more power because of the large rewards we get when we upgrade. In the same way, in NBA 2K23 we have some rewards that we can get by upgrading, which will help us to build a strong player faster. So how do we upgrade quickly in NBA 2K23? The guide below will give you a detailed overview of how to upgrade quickly to NBA 2K23.

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Quick upgrades in NBA 2K23

There are multiple ways to upgrade in NBA 2K23, but unfortunately, they are all online related and are only for those players who prefer to simply play the single-player mode. This also means that you can choose where you want to play online to help you brush up to legendary levels.

The three best locations for delegates are Rec, 3v3 Pro-Am, and 2v2 Park, as the number of delegates you get matches the number of times players put in.

The main key to upgrading this year is having a high teammate level. The higher your teammate rank, the more delegates you get. So after we enter NBA 2K23 we should find some high-level players to team up with, which will help us upgrade quickly.

Big men have an inherent advantage because they can easily improve their scoring by grabbing rebounds, covering, and finishing. When we get enough wins in the game we can upgrade in a very short period.

Finally, it's important to take advantage of any opportunity to gain extra experience, whether it's by participating in limited-time events or getting 2XP Coins from Daily Spin.

Not only do we get a lot of experience when we complete these tasks in the game, but we also get some MT NBA 2K23, which can help us build a strong player.


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