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According to the company's policy, EA told Eurogamer that FUT Lootboxes FIFA 23 coins "are an integral part to FIFA that players love," and that "giving players the ability to buy if they want to are fair." It has no plans to alter its approach to "surprise mechanics" unless there are laws that force it to. It's not going to make the situation any better however it is worth noting that due to some laws, you can currently set weekly limits on FIFA points spending and pack being opened in Ultimate Team, and see the possibility of receiving a highly rated player before opening packs. FIFA 23 also offers Time-limited Preview Packs in which you can view what's inside a pack before buying the pack, however, this currently only works for a single card pack that refreshes once per day.

FIFA 23 is an explosive final game of the series (under its current name at the very least) featuring a fresh accent on the stage. Action replays from FUT and games that are virally popular such as Power Shots make it a more considered, memorable game of simulated football with intentional defending and plenty of drama and goals. But EA's Spartan approach to modes which don't generate revenue ensures FIFA 23 is a recognizable game compared to previous versions, and Ultimate Team's aggressive focus on microtransactions is taking some of the enjoyment of it.

FIFA 23 is out worldwide and EA Sports are continuing to deliver content for the new game, including the upcoming edition of Marquee Matchups on October 6th, 2022.

EA Sports updates their pool of Marquee Matchups every Thursday and this week is exactly the same. This week, there are Premier League games included, with Liverpool's clash with Arsenal in this week's selection alongside the games of Serie A, the Bundesliga, in addition to La Liga, although there are the absence of Real Madrid and no Barcelona!

Marquee Matchups always have the most realistic fixtures in the game, so players are able to create squads which match the events that are scheduled for the next weekend.That typically includes games that are part of The Premier League, LaLiga, the Bundesliga buy FUT 23 coins, Serie A and numerous other international fixtures can be played even when football matches aren't taking place in the country.

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