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Chain lightning can be cast by a ranger looking out at a corner, or throwing melee weapons. It will bounce to people that are in the corner. Movement is massive with wizard. With regard to fireballs. Knowing the range of the splash dmg can be crucial Dark And Darker Gold. I use it in melee vs melee fights all the time. The only thing you need to do is not body the other person. Make use of the splash to apply the burn. It's more efficient. These are just some examples of what it takes to become a skilled wizard. As far as the starting staff. Its not hard to purchase spell books when the Alc offers them. I manage spell book / Qstaff myself.

Like an rogue. The base DMG is low due to a reason. The poison stacks really fast. Punches in bunches as an poison build. If you want to do fast kill build using rapier is the way to go. Lock pick absolutely needs better grace time. There are many aspects that need to be tweaked in all classes.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the game is perfect by any means. However, there are many aspects that require to be thought of out and beyond. Many hidden things that do not get noticed or understood by people which are actually possible. Sorry for the mistakes you've made. But I do want to get involved! If there's anything you'd like me to touch more deeply. Feel free to point that out. All of these are good debate issues that will give Devs high-quality feedback.

Barb receives a simple +10 weapon damage

What is everyone's opinion on the current numeric side of the things that result from class perks/skills cheap Dark And Darker Gold?

I'm asking this because I've realized that Barb gets a flat +10% weapon damage on axes as a perk which basically increases the damage to weapons by to a couple of tiers of rarity. It makes their junk starter axe equal to an Common one in this regard.

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