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Embarking on a journey in Path of Exile, whether a newcomer or seasoned player, entails leveraging a variety of official and community-created tools to enhance the gaming experience. From my own progression from a PoE novice to a more adept player, here are some invaluable tools.

Each of these websites or applications, crucial for smoothly advancing your journey, plays a unique role in enhancing gameplay and can be vital for managing your PoE currency effectively.

1. RPGStashMarket Price Tracker

Essential tool for economic insight. An invaluable resource for Path of Exile players is the Market Price Tracker available at This tool is crucial for anyone looking to gain an in-depth understanding of the game’s economy. It tracks the real-time market prices of various items and Divine Orbs, helping players make informed decisions about buying, selling, and trading. Whether you’re looking to maximize your profits, find the best deals, or simply stay updated on market trends, the Market Price Tracker is an essential tool for any Path of Exile player seeking economic insight and advantage.

2. FilterBlade: Streamlined Item Management

One of the first steps I take upon creating a new character for the current Path of Exile league is updating my item filter, and like many others, I turn to FilterBlade. It offers a customizable item filter, enabling you to sift through the sea of gear and Path of Exile currency, showcasing only what you need and concealing the rest. This tool not only simplifies installation but also incorporates various accessibility options to enhance visibility, ensuring a smoother and more efficient looting experience.

3. Grinding.Zone: Comprehensive resource hub for PoE enthusiasts

If you’re still searching for more tools or eager to delve deeper into the rich world of Path of Exile, Grinding.Zone is your go-to destination. This comprehensive resource hub brings together an extensive collection of essential tools and information, including direct links to the official PoE Wiki, schedules for upcoming events and leagues, and a plethora of vital cheat sheets. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, Grinding.Zone provides all the resources you need to fully unleash your potential in the game. Dive into this treasure trove of PoE knowledge and tools to enhance your gaming experience.

4. Essential build analysis and pricing resource

Whether you’re seeking fresh build ideas or aiming to discover the top-performing builds of the current league, stands as your comprehensive guide. It’s not just about inspiration; it’s a crucial tool for market insights, offering up-to-date pricing on currencies and items. By linking your account, offers a personalized experience, allowing you to benchmark your build against others. Ever wonder if someone is achieving better results with the same skill gem setup as yours? This platform provides the insights you need. It’s an indispensable resource to keep at hand, ideally in a browser tab alongside your game, ensuring you’re always just a click away from valuable information and comparisons.

5. Path of Building Community

Comprehensive item & build planner. Navigating the Path of Building Community app might initially seem as intricate as Path of Exile’s own passive skill tree, yet mastering it can significantly elevate your gameplay. This tool is indispensable for diving deep into build crafting. With the ability to directly import your character’s build and gear, the app serves as your personal playground for tweaking and experimenting. Here, you can unleash your creativity in adjusting and concocting items, molding your build to perfection. It becomes particularly invaluable in the later stages of a league when the focus shifts to refining and optimizing your setups for maximum efficiency.

6. Craft of Exile

Gear optimization and simulation tool. While your build and skills are essential, fine-tuning your character’s performance often comes down to perfecting your gear. This is where Craft of Exile steps in, functioning similarly to the Path of Building Community tool. With this application, you can input specific items and mods to explore the full potential of your character when equipped with ideal gear. This tool becomes especially crucial as you progress towards the endgame. When you’re deep into mapping and striving for peak performance, Craft of Exile becomes an invaluable companion to the Path of Building Community. It allows you to meticulously analyze and compare potential gear, ensuring you’re making informed decisions about every piece of equipment. Understanding the exact impact of different mod rolls and crafts can make a significant difference in optimizing your character’s capabilities.

7. PoE Trade: The virtual trading hub

While Path of Exile lacks a physical trade house for player meetups, the official PoE Trade site is more than compensated by RPGStash, offering a user-friendly interface and extensive capabilities. RPGStash stands out as a comprehensive marketplace where your specific needs for PoE Currency are just a few clicks away. Whether you're in pursuit of a substantial stash of Chaos Orbs or seeking that elusive six-link armor piece with the ideal tier-one mods, RPGStash is a treasure trove for traders. Navigate through its vast offerings, and soon enough, you'll find yourself in the seller’s hideout, ready to Buy Chaos Orbs at RPGStash and exchange it for that dream item you’ve been hunting for. Explore these tools to elevate your Path of Exile journey and enhance your overall gaming experience with RPGStash.

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