by on March 1, 2023

Used in both commercial and residential settings, these corten steel pots offer a long-lasting,easy alternative to wooden planters. Comparing their cost to their longevity, there’s no question that they’ll be cheaper as a long-term solution. Modern, sleek lines create visual appeal,and their natural rust-colored finish can be used both in contemporary architecture and more nature-based applications. Best of all, corten planters have an easy assembly process that makes it possible to achieve that ideal garden space you’re looking for.Working with a kit made of Corten steel offsets the cost of having to take on yet another big project of assembling a custom planter of wood.


There’s no sawing, sanding, or heavy equipment needed. When it comes to assembly, a corten steel pots is easy to put together. Each kit comes with all the metal panels and hardware needed to assemble and incorporate it into your landscape. Simply screw the bed together, add your filling of choice (both soil-based and soilless planting mixes will work),and start planting!

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